We’re just as passionate about great food as we are about great wine, so at this year’s festival you can expect a carefully selected range of delicious dining experiences that will compliment your wine tasting journey.

Our list is constantly growing so please come back for more gastronomic updates...

Dorset Wine Festival

Growlers of London

Dorset is in for a treat as Growlers of London will be bringing their Pregos An institution by its own right, a Prego is a traditional Portuguese sandwich consisting of a thin slice of steak cooked in garlic and butter, served between two halves of a soft and crusty Portuguese bread roll.

All of our Growler’s Pregos are made with grass fed and free range meat sourced from small farmers across the UK by HG Walter, in London, and served in traditionally baked Portuguese rolls known as Papo Seco.


Dorset Wine Festival

Red Lion Pub, Shepperton

This award-winning pub will be bringing their own style of street food to the festival. Expect hearty flavoursome burgers made with locally sourced ingredients.


Dorset Wine Festival

10 Castle Street

If you fancy something a little more refined then look no further than our hosting venue, 10 Castle Street.  Enjoy a modern two or three course alfresco lunch on the terrace or a sumptuous Cream Tea in our dedicated Afternoon Tea Garden.

To book please email enquiries@10castlestreet.com